CYTOGEN™ is the birthchild of tens of thousands of hours of learning, creating, researching, and understanding how the endocannabinoid system works when supplemented with exogenous cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, THC, and of course, the acidic variants of these botanical compounds.

CYTOGEN™ is also the byproduct of hundreds of health professionals openly discussing best practices and gleaning from the latest research for obscure, hard-to-treat health conditions. 

Andrew and René have learned along the way that they could use CBD and other cannabinoids to treat their injuries and health challenges, from traumatic injuries and surgeries to depression and anxiety, from general health and wellness to exercise performance. 

The Serafini’s developed CYTOGEN to morally and ethically advance the sound therapeutic benefits of CBD, and uniquely provide health professionals with a medically-geared suite of CBD products to treat their patients with. 

The makers of CYTOGEN™, Andrew and René Serafini, were introduced to CBD's profound therapeutic aspects and medical cannabis in 2014. Before they founded CYTOGEN™ and several other successful CBD brands and companies, they were hyper-skeptical. They only hoped that CBD could do half of what was being boasted around the internet and within pockets of the medical and science communities.

René worked at the first CBD company in the United States, the company who traveled from state-to-state advocating for CBD legalities, and discovered the legal loopholes in establishing CBD from industrial hemp, legally. Before the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD had to be extracted from the mature stalk and the seed, containing less than 0.3% THC by dry weight and had to be imported from outside of the United States, as hemp was still classified as illegal within the US.

Further propelling the Serafini’s into the world of CBD, Andrew lost his mother to medical negligence in October of 2012 as traditional healthcare modalities and medicines failed her, cutting her life short at the young age of 61. She was healthy one day and gone the next, and her passing largely became the driving force behind Andrew's pursuit for a better way, leading him into the industry with eyes wide open in 2014.

Supporting René's work as a sales manager for HempMeds Px, Andrew's experience as a former firefighter/medic in the United States Air Force became significant as he understood human anatomy and how compounds impact the human body. René was working with all types of health complaints from customers at HempMeds. In most cases, the results were eye-opening and remarkable when clients embraced a cannabinoid protocol to fight their respective health conditions. This was the beginning of an incredible passion and mission for Andrew and René.

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Mr. and Mrs. Serafini sought to develop the best products botanical science had to offer using the richest, most organic ingredients and source materials. Safety and quality are cornerstones of every formulation, sourcing only the best raw materials Mother Nature has to offer.

The CBD and medical cannabis industries are volatile, ever-changing, nefarious, riddled with banking and marketing challenges, heavily scrutinized by the FDA, packed with predatory manufacturing, deceit, and fragmentation. Incurring tons of financial losses yet continuing to push through at all costs. Why? Who in their right mind would risk everything and sacrifice weekends, holidays, always traveling, and trying to dodge bullets from people who are merely looking to rip people off? The answer is in the changed lives, the light bulb flickering on, the late-night text from a mother whose child is sleeping for the first time in years. The resilience comes from the reward of a cerebral palsy patient ditching his wheelchair and walking unassisted for the first time. The inspiration comes from a veteran who couldn't go to their daughter's high school graduation because of PTSD and calling afterward, crying with joy and appreciation for the ability to be there for their daughter. With countless moments of positive results and restored hope, the Serafini’s are driven to keep fighting the fight.

CBD, adaptogens, and botanical product development is our business because people and their health is our business. Period. There is nothing more important than serving our communities, building lasting and meaningful relationships, and being of the most value to humanity. CYTOGEN™, where science meets nature, and your well-being is the forefront of our mission.




Mr. Serafini is a former firefighter/medic and pioneer in the medical cannabis and CBD industries. Since 2014, Andrew has co-founded and launched several CBD companies and brands focusing on the importance of wide-spread education for patients and medical professionals alike while producing medically-geared CBD and adaptogen-based products for the management of acute and chronic illnesses.

Educating and training physicians/licensed professionals in the US and Brazil on the functional and clinical uses of cannabinoids, Andrew has a unique skillset with deep experience with the business of cannabinoids, but concurrently understanding the medical uses for cannabinoids across a number of disparaging diseases. Holding a Cannabis Science and Medicine Certificate from The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine, University of Vermont; Professional Certificates from The Medical Cannabis Institute in Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine; a graduate of the Green Flower Media Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program; and Foundation of Cannabinoid Medicine Program Certificate from The Advent Academy, Mr. Serafini has alongside many of the brightest researchers and medical practitioners in Integrative and Cannabis Medicine.

Serafini serves as the Chief of Education for Global Health Brands, makers of CYTOGEN Medicinal Cannabidiol Products approved by ANVISA Health Regulatory Agency, Brazilian Ministry of Health. CYTOGEN is written by doctor’s prescription for the treatment of ten health conditions in Brazil including epilepsy (Dravet and Lennox Gastaut), Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis, chronic pain, MS, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Parkinson’s Disease and mental health ailments.


Mrs. Serafini entered the CBD and medical cannabis space in January 2014. Rene excelled as the top sales executive for HempMeds, leading the team of 12+ FTE’s bringing in several of the largest accounts HempMeds had to date. After nine months, she was recruited as the Chief Development Officer for EVRCBD, Inc., and created and launched a complete line of CBD and CBD/adaptogen blends for a wide-array of health conditions.

Rene and her husband, Andrew Serafini, more recently co-founded C3 Global Biosciences and launched the first Healthcare Professional’s line of medically-geared CBD nutraceutical products in the United States. Working only with physicians, pharmacists and other health providers, Rene led the development team producing products of the highest caliber establishing many of the quality standards for CBD products emerging in the market today. After only nine months of operation, C3 Global Biosciences was acquired by one of the largest CBD companies traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

In 2018, Rene co-founded Global Health Brands, makers of CYTOGEN Medicinal Cannabidiol Products approved by ANVISA Health Regulatory Agency, Brazilian Ministry of Health. She currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

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